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Sanctions were a poorly thought out response. Russia started a conflict in Ukraine, and Europe chose to participate in that conflict by sanctioning Russia. Once Europe became a party to the conflict, Europe can no longer complain that Russia is retaliating against Europe economically. This is a fight Europe chose and these are the consequences.

At the very least it’s clear that there were plenty of off ramps that could have avoided the war. Russia tried to find diplomatic solutions for eight years while both the west and their puppet regime in Ukraine refused.

Furthermore, the war is directly modelled on what NATO did in Yugoslavia where NATO recognized the independence of breakaway regions, then had them invite NATO for support on the pretext of genocide, and ran referendums for the regions to separate. Russia is just following the precedent established by the west here.

My parents left Russia when I was a child, I had no agency in that. Meanwhile, criticizing the society one lives in is precisely the right thing to do. That’s how progress happens. No improvement comes from people cheering on atrocities of the regimes they live under.

Oh yeah I completely agree, I made a lengthy post that provides some context a little while back. I’m just kind of tired of having to repeat that over and over when people clearly have no interest to engage with reality.

It doesn’t matter what EU chose to sanction. EU started an economic war with Russia, and Russia responded. If you punch me in the face and I proceed to kick you in the balls, that’s not me starting the fight.

The original point was that EU started the economic war which is now destroying EU. This was not the fault of Russia. Glad you’ve finally managed to acknowledge that.

I’ve kind of given up on having any sort of nuance here. Most people in the west think that Russia just randomly invaded Ukraine because they’re evil orcs and there’s nothing you can say to change that. It’s easier to point out that their strategy is ultimately self destructive and hurts them more than it does Russia.

Russia started a war in Ukraine. The west started the economic war with Russia in response to that. Then Russia retaliated against the west. Russia was perfectly fine trading with the west while fighting a war in Ukraine. What part of this are you struggling with specifically?

Nah, I understand how cause and effect work.

Somebody needs to learn what the word factually means.

Factually yes. Russia stopped selling energy to EU in response to the economic war EU started.

EU started an economic war with Russia and then was surprised when Russia retaliated. Why would Russia sell energy to EU when EU is openly hostile to Russia?

EU leaders started the economic war that resulted in gas prices going up.

Does this even qualify as humor though?


On a more serious note, Elon might be realizing that Tesla is gonna have problems once Europe crashes economically. It was a big EV market, and Tesla has one of their gigafactories in Germany. With energy prices becoming unsustainable, this market isn’t gonna be around much longer. So it’s a good time to dump Tesla while it still has value.

I tend to mostly play Roguelikes nowadays. I find they’re great when you only have time to play sporadically. Some of my favorite recent games were:

  • Dead Cells
  • Death’s Door
  • Tunic
  • Stray
  • Children of Morta
  • Neon Abyss

A qualitative change is required for a society to move from capitalism to socialism, and such change cannot be accomplished via mere reformism.
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