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You left the society you could improve and seek to destroy the one you’re currently in. There’s no “improvement” on your part

Well, that way you’re able to follow the plot i.e. remember what’s going on and don’t need recaps

Also, if you’re travelling or have to wait for many hours, by binge watching you can make the time very manageable

Learning is not violent, but fair part of education system is.

Exploratory learning is natural and doesn’t require to subject a student to specific frames.

However forcing child to go to school, forcing child to choose a speciality is all violent.

Less violent approach would be to somehow “sell” the idea to the child. But here we end up in manipulation territory which is better but still not ideal.

I guess the main idea of viewing “violence as reduction of choices” is an exercise to identify all encompassing violence around us i.e. not taking it as a inherent status quo, even tho if it kinda is

It’s quite interesting connection between power and education of the elites, especially when the empire was at its peak 🤔

TLDR: raising a child is not “making” it. Evolution makes children, people train/raise children to adopt to society. Before raising an AI like a child, you have to build “raisable” AI

Using her framework I can see that almost all internet is basically disinformation and pure information is very hard to get and process

I think by default people choose instances related to their region. That way you can communicate with likeminded people in the timeframe they’re the most active.

If not that then you look at the topics instance specialises in. For example:

  • mander → science
  • gtio → debate
  • fapsi → creativity
  • slrpnk → solar punk
  • hackliberty → tech anarchism
  • heapoverflow → programming etc

full list

If you don’t care about specialization and prefer simply more content you choose general instance such as beehaw or sopuli

Couldn’t resist the temptation to install its extension tho. It shows when someone connected to you tacitly saying “thank you” / “yes, you’re helping”

That how ancap would frame discussion of human rights lol

Do you use global timeline/feed? not the local one, right? Local one is almost always the default

You know that it’s basically Chrome with a lion logo, right?

sopuli.xyz is hosted in finland and is general instance

Just a disclaimer: 3D printers build walls, not houses. Basement, roofing, plumbing, electricity, windows, ventilation, flooring etc etc is done traditionally.

Even after this I’m not sure how to convince my non tech friends to switch to a separate password manager

Some of them got hacked in the past yet they are still not motivated enough to change their routines