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because i don’t have a better sublemmy with equally high user subscriptions

but then the problem is that for instance women are excluded from such movement (probably?) -> and i think the criticism of women in such movements is very important.

so yes i agree that leftist men need to do some work in that area, but i think it is better when noone is excluded from that.

For instance, as @Grograman@sopuli.xyz said:

A lot of issues that men face are directly because of the patriarchy so dismantling it is the only way to fight for men’s rights. Not being taken seriously in sexual assaults, not being equally considered for custody, not being able to express emotions - all of these come from the bullshit patriarchal view of strong men and weak women that the patriarchy enforces. It’s all the same fight.

I think this is important to understand for all people, not only for men. and i think the quality of understanding is higher when all views are included, from all genders.

at the same time:

i recommend to read JJ Bola’s book “Mask Off : Masculinity Redefined”.

Probably a good short version is “Why toxic masculinity hurts men: JJ Bola explains all” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekPg-ZGqvb8

i think this is a good starting point in dismantling patriarchy. But still, dismantling patriarchy is very important.

As a male leftist, i’m critical about that - i think the biggest danger of such a group is that they would not be able to dismantle patriarchy and male supremacy behavior. So the danger would be: if queerfeminist activists criticize this mens group because of patriarchy, their response is “yes, thanks for the critique, we fix that” - but everything stays the same because those men care more about the feminist label and the reputation and the feeling of being feminist than the actual dismantling of male supremacy and patriarchy in leftist groups.

For instance: currently, leftwing groups also have sometimes sexual violence towards women or queer people. From experience (as a male leftist), what happens in many cases is that - especially men - have a bad/superficial understanding of patriarchy and therefore do not stand in solidarity to victims of sexual violence. Patriarchy means that it is quite likely some male friends either have been abusive in the past - or will be abusive in the future. This is a consequence from our society not explaining how good sexual consensus work, how manipulative some behavior can be, etc.

So in short: it is quite likely that those men would not held their friends accountable and talk about how patriarchy works etc, and NOT make sure that something like that (patriarchal behavior) doesn’t happen again.

tldr: as a male leftist working in this area, i am not sure if this group would be able to gain the necessary knowledge about patriarchy, sexual violence, abusive behavior, and other aspects of “toxic” masculinity.

corresponding hacker news post: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24696658

gitea has now WIP ActivitiyPub Federation
* Mastodon post where they manage to follow a their gitea account: https://social.exozy.me/@ta180m/108472185098129371 * Gitea federation task list #3 - https://gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/issues/3 * the gitea fork that develops this: https://gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea

@dessalines@lemmy.ml @nutomic@lemmy.ml

response to the linked github ticket:

instead of limiting the posts, i think the easiest way would be to just adapt the lemmy ranking algorithm https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/about/ranking.html to include the amount of posts per user and per community. So that it is also logratithmic.

this is what i mean with the above post, that the more a user posts, slowly the ranking decreases for each post. Also for the community.

this is a better solution

i think it makes also sense for the ones you subscribe to. for instance, i have usually like 5 posts from lemmygrad in my feed because they have both many posts and many upvotes - which means high liklihood that their post lands in a high position in the feed.

compare that to instances which are for instance very new and get not many posts and not many upvotes, or only not many upvotes. --> i don’t see them much on my timeline

–> so i think applying that on all communities increases diversity overall, in the lemmyverse

disagree. i found this issue many times in instances which whose activity was perfectly fine otherwise, and for instance even when the default filter would be active, this STILL would be an issue since every post is shown as equally active

Proposal to change lemmy algorithm to decrease likelihood of 1 user or 1 community filling out the timeline
Sometimes with new users (especially on instances with not so many users), it happens that 1 user creates many posts in a short time. 2 example Screenshot, from the local timeline. in both cases, the local timeline contains basically only posts from 1 user. **this is different from spam**, but in a similar way, slightly bad. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/d23f248e-c5dd-4cee-9fb4-07dbc03804ef.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/725f9522-5fee-4e2c-92a7-8e7097a25f3d.png) So, as a user, i would like to scroll the local timeline, but only seeing posts from 1 user in 1 community makes it uninteresting for me. But when the posts are themself fine and good, it is not spam. So what i suggest is a change in the lemmy algorithm: * when a user posts 1 post, nothing changes * when a user posts 5 posts, which normally would be ordered directly after each other, other posts should be placed in between. So for the first post, still nothing changes, but the later ones are shown slightly below. * the same for a community: i think it is desirable and makes lemmy more interesting if 1 community does not dominante the timeline even if it has many votes. i think it is desirable and increases the diversity, if other communities are moved in between. ---- yes i know the answer would be to open a ticket in github. this is not what my intention is here. I want consensus when we all agree on what is good, then a github ticket can be created or something. (so my intention is also to talk about priorities, since just creating a github issue has a high likelihood to be forgotten) cc [@nutomic@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/nutomic) [@dessalines@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/dessalines)

as far as i know, yes lemmygrad and lemmy.ml are operated by the same people. And i think this was a deliberate decision to create a seperate instance: the admins knew that such discussions would arise and they knew people would block/criticize tankie-content. So having a generalist instance like lemmy.ml makes it easier for people to like lemmy.

i don’t trust the developers or tankies in general.

russia is usually considered to be socialist, i think.

and yes i know the “jana from kassel” case (and i agree that comparing their own actions to antifascists from nazi germany is also used by non-legitimate protests ) but i don’t think it is good to throw such persons into the prison.

especially, because for instance in germany, the covid management from the german government is really horrible (big factories are still open) - so altough i think it is good to disturb “jana from kassel” in her speech, i don’t think the government/police should do that.

given that the covid management and also for instance the fight against nazis in germany isn’t really effective, i don’t trust them in the fight against “jana from kassel”.

i just think it is ridiculos to throw people into the prison in the above case. in general authorative solutions like surveilance and throwing people in the prison are no proper solutions i think because it doesn’t deal with the root cause, it doesn’t improve the situation.

Yes, i was in bielefeld. It is a beautiful city.

To explain: basically, in germany there is this joke about bielefeld not existing. Here is a wikipedia article on that i just found: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bielefeld_Conspiracy

not? i thought it is the point of socialistic politics, that the state does its population such favors?

hm, i may missunderstand socialism.