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There’s also “acceptable” loss. Electrocution is the sixth leading cause of death in the US workforce, and that’s clearly acceptable for society due to the benefits of electricity. shrug

List of GNU/Linux distributions completely free from any proprietary and closed software
Thanks, @Canard@sopuli.xyz https://nrsk.no/post/95626/comment/17168

I don’t think I like this, so far I’ve always preferred stunted performance over full comparability. Any Debian alternatives that skips these additions?

I tried Insurgency way back but found that Squad was more my thing, highly recommend it for tactical shooter fans.

Cyberpunk 2077 is pretty good now a days, also enjoying some Assassins Creed Syndicate (the London one). Unciv is a pretty decent micro-civilization clone, also available for phones so I’ve been playing it while sitting down for 15 minutes if you know what I mean.

Cool video, I never had the original ipod but the Creative copy that played videos way before the ipod video. 😄

You’re welcome to crosspost to nrsk.no/c/videos as well the next time you find something interesting.

Not really, just feedback from a friend who had the v1 and was considering updating to v2.

I’ve heard one should go for the v1, as v2 is reportedly more locked in and have less features.

So the community is banned not for the posts or moderation in it, but for posts made by the moderator in other communities? I think that’s unfortunate.

Please clarify what rules were broken for /c/askawoman to be removed.
I saw that the newly created community "askawoman" was deleted due to being a "troll community", with reason being https://lemmy.ml/post/486254. I never had the chance to visit lemmy.ml/c/askawoman, but see nothing in the provided link that indicates that it's a troll community. Could the administration please clarify what made you decide it had to be removed so I can make sure I don't do the same and get my own communities blocked from federation?

How would federated posts look if the original server went down? Just a 404 not found on the picture and the discussion left intact?

I’m a big gamer but dual boot Linux for anything beyond gaming ever since W7, so no idea on the current situation on malware. I just use the built in stuff, but I literally only game and watch YouTube on Windows.

Two decades ago, third party anti-virus was recommended. A decade ago they said Windows Defender was one of the best. A few years ago I read that Avast, a large third party anti-virus sold personal data. 🤷‍♂️

My biggest tip would rather be about accessories. Headsets, headphones with built in microphone is considered an absolute essential by many, me included. A gaming mouse with more than the standard three buttons a close second.

Hello this is the internet police, we got a report that someone typed **** on the web.


The royal family is too passive to be called looters, they’re more like parasites than pirates if anything.

It goes without saying that this extension should now be considered spyware in light of Avast’s history of capitalizing on user data.

Recommended replacement is Consent-O-Matic.

It’s so nice to see people not only talk about Lemmy outside of the fediverse, but also advocating self hosting.

I don’t mind such chains as long as it’s easy to minimise them and skip the entire chain. It’s one click to avoid annoyance for me and seemingly endless fun for the “This’ers”.

Next would be banning people for content on entirely different platforms.

I think that’s the situation Salamander is arguing against. And I support him. But I also support that every instance should be able to moderate and administrate how they see fit - That’s why I, as a user on a different instance, don’t care about the ban itself.

But with the shared nature of federation, quite a few of the communities I interact with are on lemmy.ml. I’d very much like to know the rules so I don’t break them, or if I find that I don’t agree with them - so I can find or create other places to participate, instead of trying to change the fundamentals of already existing communities or instances.

No. Where would people be driven, into international waters?

Update Lemmy.ml's Code of Conduct
Due to the recent ban of a wolfballs.com-user for "Bigotry and racism on his main account on Wolfball." it is requested that Lemmy.ml updates the Code of Conduct to reflect actual moderation. Please consider adding that Lemmy.ml will ban users for comments made with other accounts on other instances.

I think every single grievance in that video would be mitigated by basing principles on ethics instead of capitalism.

cross-posted from: https://narwhal.city/posts/15430 > Change your password now > > > > https://www.theverge.com/2022/8/24/23319570/plex-security-breach-exposes-usernames-emails-passwords

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Bug: Can't subscribe to remote/federated PeerTube channels on a PeerTube server
Examples, same PeerTube instance but different parent accounts (https://peertube.co.uk/) **Search for, find and able to subscribe:** https://peertube.co.uk/c/cinema https://peertube.co.uk/c/linux_lounge **Search for, sometimes spinning forever, sometimes "No Results":** https://peertube.co.uk/c/chrisweredigital@share.tube https://peertube.co.uk/c/blender_channel@video.blender.org **Edit/update:** As I get more familiar with Lemmy and PeerTube, this turns out to be an artifact of federation. The "@" obviously designates an account on a different server and when "https://peertube.co.uk/c/chrisweredigital@share.tube" won't resolve, "https://share.tube/c/chrisweredigital" will. Original title "Bug: Can't subscribe to PeerTube channels with "@" in the name" changed.

It's usually just the system who needs a second go, I never mistype my passwords.