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That’s a great question actually. From what I know, biological evolution somehow shapes human into two sexual classifications that lead to the division of subsistence, which creates social identity and people just extrapolate from there. Now with the rising egalitarianism in workfield and findings of various sex spectra, they at least need an update aren’t they?

Have you tried restarting the browser or deleting the cookies and stuff?

I took this as an audit few years ago (not completed), and the part about conformity and groupthink actually made me contemplate about my religious stance. I can't entirely vouch for the consistence of the findings, but I think it introduce a lot of interesting social and psychological concepts. Another course I would recommend is Science of Everyday Thinking (EdX), which explains various biases and flaws in our decision making and how science incorporates preventions of these.

I just had a talk with someone (an Australian high school teacher) about non-western history electives which he teaches and are recently added to the curriculum (considering the young timeline of Australia, some people living under White-Australian policy are still alive today). He said - which I agree - that students don’t need to approve what those countries are doing, but they need to understand the situations that form their decisions and philosophies.

There's also an alternative called CogVideo (not entirely smooth yet, but it's getting there).

I was doing B.Sc. in Computer Science and M.Sc. in Mathematics currently.

My current position is that best learning is highly dependent on the environment (this is similar to why “poor people do not save” is a rational behavior). If your school is too fast-paced and demand extreme precision, rote memorization and retrieval learning might be just the right way.

In my case, when I was doing CS, I found the lack of feedback and guidance very burdening since I was newbie at that time. On the opposite, I had strong background of math before starting my degree, so I can self-study by building connections between concepts (from chunking, examples, teaching, exercises, multi-modal). I don’t find time-based methods such as interleaving suitable due to time constraint and mental exhaustion. I utilize alarms extensively for starting and ending learning (often something like 10 mins), in order to break procrastination.

I’ll take a counter position here: r/atheism community very likely come from the insecured positions of atheists. By that I mean, being severely hurt mentally and physically by their societies. Especially when they’re still unable to escape from these society yet, strong emotions and solidarism will be involved. I believe r/atheism reflects more about the society we live in rather than its ideological arguments.

Did I just see hyena fucking an antelope?

O Daddy Father forgive my sin

There’s a lot of thoughts through my mind right now. I thought Reddit had fewer issues than companies like Meta or Google etc. Aaron Schwartz’ erasure is really bad.

I’ve heard this news before, liked it. Thanks for reminding me ahahhah

Oooof, hope you get well soon!

I’m not sure if it’s the newest, so I added the bracketed description to maintain the original title. But I will argue it’s pretty new due to how slow a language forms (apart from conlangs and ignoring the evolving nature of languages). By a similar argument, linguistics would be a relatively new liberal-art study field.

Hi, how is your work today?

In my case, I think I’m the one that bails often if I do not feel compatible (time/location availability, interests, personality/backgrounds). I used to follow other’s advices to “befriend anyone equally” etc, but the older I get the more unhappy I am by making those compromise. Nowadays I’m befriending toward each need specifically instead.

Also introducing: International Kurzgezagt Meetup arrangement. Via Reddit, of course.

My bet is that you do not feel such pressure precisely because of your family background and your surrounding community’s tolerance. In an area where religion is enforced by family and society and questioning is being punished, isn’t it just being an imperial slave?

Implication: explicit promotion of communism is currently illegal in Indonesia. Like, imagine if you are unhappy with the way the economy system currently works.

These days I start to enjoy this type of content ahahah, thanks for posting this

I thought I was alone, never thought there will be so many people in the comments experiencing the same thing.

Also came to realize it just now. The log mentions ‘mod’ instead of ‘admin’ if any of that helps.