Chrome’s enhanced spellcheck & Edge’s MS Editor are sending data you enter into form fields like username, email, DOB, SSN, basically anything in the fields, to sites you’re logging into from either of those browsers when the features are enabled. Furthermore, if you click on “show password,” the enhanced spellcheck even sends your password, essentially Spell-Jacking your data.

Even after this I’m not sure how to convince my non tech friends to switch to a separate password manager

Some of them got hacked in the past yet they are still not motivated enough to change their routines

My friend got his apple account hacked (no notice of unknown device login, no warnings whatsoever), and was used for some financial frauds for a day until he contacted his bank and apple store to disable the account. He still adamantly uses Apple.

Some people like to stay ignorant.

Apple store got him a small gift after they sorted it though. I guess that was worth it.

inertia be inertia 🤷‍♀️

haha lynx go brrrrr

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